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Sadhanaa is an 18 year old singer-songwriter based in chennai. She has been trained in carnatic violin for over 10 years, and picked up the guitar a couple of years back.She took a course on songwriting from Berklee to polish her writing and gain a professional edge on her songwriting style. Even though she started writing songs only a couple of years back, she's written over 30 songs and will be releasing some of them sometime this year!


Jagjeet Singh is 29 years old, who practices the energetic art form, Bhangra.He is the former vice captain of Sri Gurutegh Bahadur Khalsa college. He has done as many as 50+ live perfomances. Also a member of bhangra hons.


Within a month of virtual sessions you will learn

Introduction to songwriting

Conceptualising an idea and creating a rough framework for the song

Understanding prosody

Rhyme schemes and prosody

Lyrical and melodic rhythm

Role of phrasing


Arjun is a passionate and enthusiastic musician. He picked up the guitar around 6 years ago and hasn't put it down since.He also plays the piano and keyboard and knows a thing or two about drums.He has completed his Grade 6 Degree in Guitar from Rockschool London and is preparing for just 2 grades that are left for his path to a diploma. Currently he is into music production,hip hop and rap and writing songs too.He looks forward to sharing every small or big experience and knowledge that he picked up in his artistic and musical journey.


Within a month of virtual sessions you will learn

How to choose and master any instrument of choice

How to play any song or tune on any instrument in any situation

Beginner to intermediate guitarist under a month

Start writing own songs and making music effectively

Set up a home studio in a low budget

Stage presence

Basics of music theory


Within 4-5 virtual sessions you will learn

Basic Bhangra Training

Traditional Folk steps

Essentials of Bhangra in choreography

Name of basic elements

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