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The Beginning 

We started our journey in 2019, as an initiative that brought together a community of young intelligent minds. Minds who are a diverse collection of thinkers and doers with the intellect of artists.

From a close knit-community with humble beginnings we expanded to an organization touching hundreds of students across India through our skill development modules, peer-mentoring programs & interactive workshops.

The Indian youth and their ability to achieve wonders are part of the reason Proactive Procrastinators came to exist.

Our first workshop series saw participation from over 120 students spread across regions and backgrounds in India. Our first batch of students was virtually insatiable in their pursuit of purpose, so much so that when they found the program & field they were interested in, they pursued it with an unrivalled, unapologetic passion to see it through!

Since then, 2000+ students have benefitted from our programs, workshops and events; we have donated over 10,000 school textbooks, novels, comic books and autobiographies.

This goes to say, we are confident that this generation is going to break the mold and reshape much of the world we know today!

Our Inspiration


What the Future holds for us?

Our vision is to foster vocational, technical, communicational and professional development skills through our skill development modules, peer mentoring and interactive workshops. We aspire to create a platform for people to learn, unlearn, relearn and spur things into action to accelerate their professional development!

From discussions that encapsulate an intriguing & promising use of skills to make a dent in the universe, to conversations that are a metamorphic colloquy for career development, we hope to add some value in your growth!

Our Story

Stuck behind unconventional dreams with conventional expectations, he is a poetry enthusiast by heart who is often found narrating stories or poetry, which has even led to impromptu performances at TEDx. His love for creative expression has led him to write for several literary magazines, journals, anthologies, & even scripting & shooting short films. Working with several artists and companies has made him rekindle his love for all things life has to offer. He has now found a home in his Proactive family ;)

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Jasmann Singh Narang


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He doesn’t like playing by the rules, stereotypes and expectations. That is an understatement for Mrigank. An accomplished musician, an anime fan, an avid gamer, a martial arts enthusiast and an entrepreneur – all rolled in one. Partly because he wants to do too much too soon. Someone who is likely to say - why wait for an MBA to start a business or I’ll teach myself if I don’t find a good guitar teacher. He chooses goals that seem unachievable and makes his own path despite all limitations. His dream life – a house full of guitars, a day full of composing music, a neighbourhood full of gaming parlours in Tokyo.

Mrigank Singh


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