Proactive Procrastinators is an initiative to bring together a community of young intelligent minds. Minds who are a diverse collective of thinkers and doers with the intellect of artists. This is a journey to imagine, create, collaborate and create even more.
We started from a team of 3 members as a modest online community to a full-fledged organization with a family of thousands. 
The youth, and their ability to achieve wonders is part of the reason where this journey has taken us.

We, at Proactive Procrastinators celebrate and explore creators all across through a conducive and an optimistic medium of stimulation, driving towards expression of the arts.

Welcome to Proactive Procrastinators, 
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Our Story

This is a platform where students get to go wild in their fantasies- writing, singing, speaking, sketching, singing, clicking and what not. 
We assist and fortify creative development through trainings(launching soon) with industry experts, provide artists a place to put forth, what they want to.
Our intention is to not only publish content but to empower creators by teaching them skills required to learn better and create better.

Stuck behind unconventional dreams with conventional expectations, he is a poetry enthusiast by heart who is often found narrating stories or poetry, which has even led to impromptu performances at TEDx. His love for creative expression has led him to writing for several literary magazines, journals, anthologies, & even scripting & shooting short films. Working with several artists & companies has made him rekindle his love for all things life has to offer. He has now found a home in his "proactive family ;)"

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Jasmann Singh Narang


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He doesn’t like playing by the rules, stereotypes and expectations. That is an understatement for Mrigank. An accomplished musician, an anime fan, an avid gamer, a martial arts enthusiast and an entrepreneur – all rolled in one. Partly because he wants to do too much too soon. Someone who is likely to say - why wait for an MBA to start a business or I’ll teach myself if I don’t find a good guitar teacher. He chooses goals that seem unachievable and makes his own path despite all limitations. His dream life – A house full of guitars, a day full of composing music, a neighbourhood full of gaming parlours in Tokyo.

Mrigank Singh