Last year, in the middle of a pandemic we held our first mentorship program, aimed at the enhancement, development of vocational, communication & even technical skills in order to further our vision of increasing accessibility towards professional opportunities as a high-school student!

Our first cohort saw more than 100+ students registered in 6 programs, attendees were spread across regions and backgrounds.

These students were virtually insatiable in their pursuit of purpose, so much so that when they found a program they loved, they pursued it with an unrivaled, unapologetic passion to see it through!

Their proactive and diligent behaviour was a testament to the difference they will be making in society. Even though most of them are still teenagers, we are confident that they are going to break the mould and reshape much of the world we know today. 

From discussions that encapsulate an intriguing & promising use of your skills to make a dent in the universe, to conversations that are a metamorphic colloquy for career development. We hope our next program is able to add value to your professional & creative interests.


Free of cost and quality knowledge available at your couch.

A connecting door between you and what you aspire.

Mentee certificate

Internship opportunities to selected individuals.

A community of aligned minds


Personalized Feedback

Does imagination ignite your soul? Are you itching to flaunt your creative trajectory? Then this is the right platform for you.


Spend your quarantine time nurturing your creative skills and reiterating it with all the whimsy and joy with us. Proactive Procrastinators brings to you a free of cost mentorship program in a number of creative fields, ranging from Content Writing to Wildlife Photography. With hands-on assignments to get your gears turning and wonderful mentors to help guide you, don’t waste a single day not doing what you love. 

So, join us on our next program (launching soon) as we delve deeper into the intricacies of professional development along with the enhancement of the creative expression! Explore the fascinating connections between them to stimulate your mind with discussions, our close-knit community, and an abundance of knowledge to lose yourself in.