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Dear Harry,

Source: MuggleNet

The world has gone underground,

I wonder what the witches are doing?

Are you still allowed to disapparate?

Or are you as muggled as muggles?

15,Grimmauld Place


You, Ginny and the kids.

Is Kreacher still there too?

I can imagine,

Madam Pomfrey all bewildered.

And St. Mungo's

Full of infected people.

The Minister of Magic,

Negotiating with Trump?

Hermoine going through books

To find all that can be done.

I can hear,"Bloody Hell!"

Ron shouting at Hugo.

Is he having his classes

On Zoom too?

Is Quidditch at standstill?

Just like cricket.

Hogsemade shut

and no Butterbear?

I wish Hedwig was there,

Sirius and Lupin.


To make the right potions.

You are 40 now

And yet so,

We miss you

Quite as 17.

Just another muggle,


Does the witch world

Have the medicine yet?

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